Travel Advisory

Uttarakhand to start affordable chopper services from February 8 (last updated on: 06/02/2020)

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In order to encourage connectivity in towns and cities of Uttarakhand, the state government will start chopper services from February 8, 2020.

Referring to this, Flight advisor of Uttarakhand CM Captain Deep Srivastava told the press that 28 choppers will operate throughout Uttarakhand. Reportedly, a few helicopters will also run on alternate days. The first chopper will operate from Haridwar to Haldwani at a tariff of INR 1200. The entire duration of the trip will be 40 min as compared to the 6-8 hours taken by road or train to travel. The primary objective behind this initiative is to boost Regional Connectivity Services in the state which would allow people to travel at a lesser time without paying too much.

News has it that these chopper services have been priced from INR 1000-5000 according to the distance and time. The chopper services will be active across all 13 districts, selected cities and towns of Uttarakhand. Way back in 2015, the Uttarakhand Tourism Department had started offering chopper service to provide an aerial view of Nainital and nearby destinations, but the service could not continue for some reason.

Considering the price of the new chopper services, many people will find it feasible considering the fact that it anyway takes INR 1200 or so to travel by train or road, albeit the time taken to reach the destination is more in the latter case.